Our products are spun from dreams

Like spinning a yarn, Sun-Ace's know-how, expertise and
its motto: Dream with your heart, are intended not just for Japan,
but also for the whole world.

Gloves: garments for your hands.
Higashikagawa city, in Kagawa prefecture, used to be where as much as 90% of gloves in Japan were made. Although in recent years a great deal of manufacturing has moved to other Asian countries, to ensure high quality and high standards, it has become increasingly necessary for glove makers to produce their gloves in Japan.

Sun-Ace has built Kagawa's ‘Tumugu’ as an atelier that will bring together the techniques and experience of various trusted artisans in one creative space.

The philosophy behind ‘Tumugu’ (to spin, e.g. to spin a yarn) is about creating the next generation of ateliers today. Please visit us at ‘Tumugu’, where you will be able to discuss new ideas amidst a beautiful and harmonious rural setting.
SUN-ACE Co., Ltd.
At SUN-ACE we provide the optimum in must-have fashion accessories such as handbags, belts and gloves by suggesting solutions that satisfy our clients
' desires.
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